Motivating Christian Ministry and Bible Study Services

Enroll in Our Bible Study Program and Learn Bow and Arrow Shooting

At Outback Archery of Joplin LLC, we  are in the process and excited to introduc a new Christian-based Bible study program where our experts use archery to keep you interested in learning about God.

Stay tuned for more information!!


When you choose our Bible study program, you'll get weekly Bible lessons hosted by experienced and knowledgeable pastors.

We'll also provide bows and arrows to those who attend the program, so they can shoot in our indoor range.

The main aim of our Christian ministry services is to give you a chance to try archery, if you've never shot before, and introduce Christ into your life through our Bible study program as a platform for your mental and spiritual well-being.
Ministry Coming Soon
"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. This was my second bow I bought here and I couldn't see myself getting a Mathews bow anywhere else!"
- Josh Willis
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